Fox Family Home Build- WE HAVE LAND!

February 10, 2018  •  1 Comment

Today was a great day for us at Be the Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. Thanks to a few successful fundraisers, including the one at Chops & Hops where so many people came out to support us that they were able to donate $1600, we were able to purchase the land that we will be building the Fox Family Home on!

We are so grateful to every single person that made this possible and we can not wait to start the next part of this journey where we will all come together and build this family the home they deserve! Please follow our page to stay updated on Fox Family Home Build and go to to see how you can get involved! 

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Christmas Toy Drive 2017 for Georgia Families in Need

November 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Once again Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc is working together with Catrett & Associates Casting Company to bring some joy and love to local families in need this Holiday Season. We are accepting all gifts for all age groups, not only for children but the parents as well. Think about every day items that parents could use to make their lives easier for themselves and their children.  Every year, as the holidays approach, families around the world gather together to celebrate with festive decorations and also an exchange of gifts. What’s very easy to forget during these times of feasting and celebrating is the fact that there are so many families in our very own communities that are struggling just to put food on the table for their kids. We want to help those families remember what the holidays truly mean. We want to show them the spirit of giving, compassion and love. Let's put something under the trees of these families that might not have anything there otherwise. We want to give gifts that give back to not only the receiver but the giver. This year we are so honored to be working with local organizations that will hand deliver these gifts to families in need. If you would like to donate gifts please contact us for more information. ~ This was last Year's Christmas Toy Drive that was hosted by Egelston Hospital and it was truly an amazing exeprinece. We hope this year will be just as successful at bringing joy and love to those who need it most. Thank you Wes Brawner for capturing these beautiful memories in such an amazing video. 


Fox Family Home Build #wehaveland

October 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

I know a lot of you know the story of Cadence Fox. Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. first met Cadence and her family in 2015, right after she was diagnosed with two germinoma brain tumors at just 9 years old. She has inspired and amazed us at the Brandy Angel Foundation from that moment on. Her optimism, determination and gratitude for life is completely awe inspiring. She has had no evidence of disease for almost two years. What people don’t realize is that even though Cadence is in remission she is plagued with life long side effects from chemotherapy, radiation and a daily fear of secondary cancers. She also has to have scans and MRIs every three months, spinal taps annually, lifelong daily steroid treatments, hormone treatments so that she can actually start to grow again and hopefully kick start puberty. She lives with 8 brain bleeds that are ticking time bombs. She has constant fatigue, migraines, muscle pain and difficulty focusing. These are all side effect of not only the cancer Cadence had but the treatments she received. This is the daily life of an 11 year old warrior.


In addition to all of these daily nightmares this family has faced they are also literally drowning in medical bills and debt. Once Cadence was considered to be in remission they no longer were eligible for Katie Beckett Medicaid, and even with private insurance they now owe over $500,000 in just medical bills. Cadence’s Mother had to quit her job at Lake Country Pharmacy when she was diagnosed in order to care for her and get her to treatments. However, now that she is back to school full time both parents are able to work again. Her father Jason has worked long and hard to make sure they were taken care of. But with the size of these ever growing medical bills they can never get out of this debt or the small apartment the family of 5 were forced to move into since the initial diagnosis. They have been unable to even rent a home with the state their credit is in. Cadence has blamed herself for this and we just could not allow this precious girl to hold that on her shoulders on top of everything else and after a yearlong search for a solution we finally found an answer to our prayers.


We are so excited to announce that with the addition of Andy Schulze to our foundation we are finally going to be able to build this amazing & deserving family a HOME!!!

We are blessed to say we have already found our land and will be closing soon! We are so incredibly grateful to our generous donors and to each of you that have come out to our fundraisers. There will be many more to come so please be looking out for them.


Ground Breaking will be scheduled soon and we hope you all show up to offer your support to this family! We as a community are going to have to come together to make this dream come true for this family!


I know this community has a huge heart for not only this family but also a desire to stand up and bring awareness to this ever growing epidemic of Childhood Cancer. We can be leaders in bringing awareness and positive change to the serious issues these children and their families face. Awareness to the outdated treatments these children are given that cause horrific life long side effects, we can help give notice to the shameful lack of funding that is given to the research of childhood cancer and hopefully together we can one day help prevent these cancers all together.

Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. was founded on one simple philosophy, we are each given a gift, no matter what that gift is, no matter how big or how small you may think it is, you can use that gift to give back to those in need. By doing that you can be the change our community needs and the change our world needs. So I ask you to stop thinking about it and just do it. Reach out and make a difference the best way you can with the gift you were given.

We will need a lot of assistance in the months to come so please contact me if you have any interest in volunteering your time or even your ideas to


Donations can be dropped off at any Bank South location in the name of Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc.

or mailed to

Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc

100 Dickens Ln

Bishop, GA 30621

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Happy 1st Birthday Jesmin

October 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

When the princesses of Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. first met Jesmin she was just a few months old and on the AFLAC floor. Jesmin was diagnosed with Stage 3 Intermediate-Risk Neuroblastoma on December 15th, 2016 at just 2 months of age. There was a time not long ago that they didn't think Jesmin would ever leave the hospital. But she did, and yesterday she celebrated her 1st birthday. We were so honored and excited to be there to celebrate with her friends, family and even the doctors and staff that helped save her life. Her journey with cancer is not over and we all need to do our best to help fund research and spread awareness for childhood cancer so that we can do our best to help her and other warriors fight for their lives so they can have all the birthday parties they deserve. Thank you so much for everyone that came and helped make this birthday extra special for Jesmin. Jesmin's Journey Jesmin's 1st bday! Brandy Hayes Angel Jessica Davis Megan Alden Rainwater Maureen Alden Kallatsa Isabella Fox Julia Himmelsbach Smith Jessica Curtright Debra Kitchens Adams thank you for the amazing cupcakes. Lanier High School Band thank you so much for coming and playing Happy Birthday for this sweet girl! #bethechangebaf #gogold #childhoodcancerawareness


Ava Nicole

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This sweet girl is Ava Nicole Voyles and she has anaplastic ependymoma. Her journey with cancer started on her 10month old birthday (9/11/14) she had not been sick once since her birth but her family noticed that she was tilting her head quite a bit and took her in to see her peds dr. and she thought it was a stiff neck,she gave them things to try but they didn't work. Her family finally got sent to CHOA and after all the test xrays, mri they came and told them it was a mass in her brain. They did surgery 2 days later and then told the family that she had stage 3 anaplastic ependymoma, it is a rare brain and spine cancer. They did get all of the tumor during surgery but there was a very small spot that they couldn't get to that they really didn't think it was cancer. Ava wasn't old enough for radiation when she was first diagnosed so they started her on chemo to by time for proton radiation. After 2 months of chemo they did Ava's next scans. They noticed the spot they weren't concerned with had grown. So on New Year's Eve Ava had her second brain surgery. At this point Ava in 3 years old and has had 7 brain surgeries and 1 spinal surgery but currently has no evidence of the cancer that she has fought so hard to overcome. I know she will fight just as hard to overcome any obstacle she faces in her future! She is such an inspiration and hero to everyone that meets her. #teamava #cancersucks #gogold #bethechangebaf