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We have very exciting news for the Fox Family Home Build! We have found the PERFECT land for the family and we were given a very generous price on it from People's Bank. We just need $2500 more in SIXTY DAYS to close. I know we can do this with your help! Please offer and donation you can, anything would help us take the next step to break ground! Donations can be made out to Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. and mailed to 1201 Whispering Lakes Trl, Madison GA 30650 or dropped off at Bank South in Lake Oconee. Please call us for more information. (919)274-1771. Let's break ground by Thanksgiving! No better reason to be thankful!

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Be The Change Beer Dinner with Chops & Hops

From Chops & Hops​- We are joining forces with The Southern Brewing Company & Scofflaw Brewing Co. to bring you a dinner like no other! We will be offering 6 food courses & 10 different brews for a spectacular evening! 

$75 per seat. Includes 6 courses, 10 beers, tax and tip. 

The event will be sponsored by our friends at EHDH law firm which not only allows us to donate $10 from every ticket sale to the Be the Change Brandy Angel Foundation, we will also be offering cool local raffle items throughout the evening. 

Seats will be limited so call the restaurant soon to guarantee your spot! 

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SUPRISE FOX FAMILY! #foxfamilyhomebuild

Watch the videos here  &

I know a lot of you know the story of Cadence Fox. Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. first met Cadence and her family in 2015, right after she was diagnosed with two germinoma brain tumors at just 9 years old. She has inspired and amazed us at the Brandy Angel Foundation from that moment on. Her optimism, determination and gratitude for life is completely awe inspiring. She has had no evidence of disease for almost two years. What people don’t realize is that even though Cadence is in remission she is plagued with life long side effects from chemotherapy, radiation and a daily fear of secondary cancers. She also has to have scans and MRIs every three months, spinal taps annually, lifelong daily steroid treatments, hormone treatments so that she can actually start to grow again and hopefully kick start puberty. She lives with 8 brain bleeds that are ticking time bombs. She has constant fatigue, migraines, muscle pain and difficulty focusing. These are all side effect of not only the cancer Cadence had but the treatments she received. This is the daily life of an 11 year old warrior.

In addition to all of these daily nightmares this family has faced they are also literally drowning in medical bills and debt. Once Candace was considered to be in remission they no longer were eligible for Katie Beckett Medicaid, and even with private insurance they now owe over $500,000 in just medical bills. Cadence’s Mother had to quit her job at Lake Country Pharmacy when she was diagnosed in order to care for her and get her to treatments. However, now that she is back to school full time both parents are able to work again. Her father Jason has worked long and hard to make sure they were taken care of. But with the size of these ever growing medical bills they can never get out of this debt or the small apartment the family of 5 were forced to move into since the initial diagnosis. They have been unable to even rent a home with the state their credit is in. Cadence has blamed herself for this and we just could not allow this precious girl to hold that on her shoulders on top of everything else and after a yearlong search for a solution we finally found an answer to our prayers. We are so excited to announce that we are partnering up with Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties, Andy Schulze and YOU, the Lake Oconee Community to build this amazing & deserving family a HOME!!!

The first step is to find a piece of land in Eatonton, GA that we can attain for this family as a tax deductible donation or at a discounted price. If you have a piece of land you could donate or have any definite information on any potential land please contact Andy Schulze at (478) 251-3752.  We as a community are going to have to come together to make this dream come true for this family!

I know this community has a huge heart for not only this family but also a desire to stand up and bring awareness to this ever growing epidemic of Childhood Cancer. We can be leaders in bringing awareness and positive change to the serious issues these children and their families face. Awareness to the outdated treatments these children are given that cause horrific life long side effects, we can help give notice to the shameful lack of funding that is given to the research of childhood cancer and hopefully together we can one day help prevent these cancers all together.

Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. was founded on one simple philosophy, we are each given a gift, no matter what that gift is, no matter how big or how small you may think it is, you can use that gift to give back to those in need. By doing that you can be the change our community needs and the change our world needs. So I ask you to stop thinking about it and just do it. Reach out and make a difference the best way you can with the gift you were given.

We will need a lot of assistance in the months to come so please contact me if you have any interest in volunteering your time or even your ideas to Donations can be made to Bank South in the name of Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. 

 Please share share share!!! #bethechangebaf #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #gogold #foxfamilyhomebuild

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The Rice Awards 2017, PLEASE VOTE NOW Voting is open NOW! Please take a moment to vote for our foundation Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. for Foundation of the year at This could mean amazing things for us and what we are capable of doing for our local families and communities. PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE! Thank you all so much for your continued love and support! Tickets are still available for the Sept 23 awards dinner!

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Our Daddy needs a KIDNEY! - Team Hendrix

Our Daddy Needs a Kidney - Team Hendrix 
I first met the Hendrix family several years ago and heard their amazing and heart breaking story. We have been waiting as patiently as possible for Brandon Hendrix to finally get on the transplant list and today is the day!!!! He is now eligible to get his life saving kidney so he can get busy taking care of his amazing family and watching and helping his beautiful daughter continue to achieve things as an austitic child that they never thought she would. If you feel moved to help him PLEASE call to see if you are a match for Brandon and at the very least SHARE SHARE SHARE his story so it can reach the his life saving hero!
PLEASE CALL 404-605-4605 and ask for Leanne Whitehead to see how you can begin your testing. 

Brandon is a 32 year old married father from the Athens, Georgia, area. He recently had to start on dialysis and get onto the kidney transplant list. Brandon and Donna have been married for 9 years. He has a 18-year-old stepdaughter and he has a 7-year-old Autistic special needs daughter. He is the breadwinner in their family because his wife was injured during the birth of their youngest daughter and has had a lot of medical issues since then. We need our daddy to be around for a long long time! Please help us find him a kidney! Thank you! 
#bethechangebaf #donatelife #shareyourspare #organdonation#kidneystories #kidneydonationhttps


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Monica Needs a Kidney!

Hi my name is Monica.I am 35 years old and I was diagnosed with ESRD on January 14, 1999 at age of 17 years old due to Hypertension that I didn't know i had. I currently attend dialysis on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In 2001 I received a Kidney Transplant that lasted five years. After it failed I immediately began testing at Emory to be listed again and began to train for Peritoneal Dialysis and did it for three years after catching peritonitis I returned to the clinic where i currently receive treatment as of today i been waiting for a Kidney 10 years. I really would like to began living a more normal life so I can council and educate other patients that are on and new to dialysis. I currently talk with many of the new patients at my clinic and other patients that need my advice on things they are dealing with while on dialysis. In my spare time i usually check on patients that are sick in the hospital and follow up with patients I have talked to I also participate in a mentoring program. If you interested in getting tested follow instructions on the picture and don't worry if your blood type don't match ask Emory about cross match program. when you read this story please share this page.

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Robert the Great is a STAR today! Our Robert is a star today! I am so grateful for all of the amazing people that came together and donated their time, efforts, love and talents to make this happen. Thank you to CL Casting for making magic happen in 10 minutes flat by connecting us to Andy Rusk and donating your team, time and hearts once again to help us pull the whole day off. Andy Rusk for then connecting us to the best group of stuntmen, with the biggest hearts in the world, and with Southeast Movie & Stunt House for donating their amazing space for us to use. Wes Brawner of Pennywhistle Creative and Wes Brawner Events for once again donating his time and talent to video and document this for Robert and BTC. Neal Carpenter for helping me get the perfect lighting and shot! Please know your efforts are greatly appreciated and valued. Even if you are just pulling on fishing wire O.j. Greene I could NOT make my crazy ideas come to life without each and every one of you. These things take a lot of amazing people to pull off and I know each of you will forever be changed by this amazing boy. He truly is a superhero and deserves all we can do and more. I hope we get to work together again soon to make more magic happen! Shannon Parker Greene Jamie Lynn Catrett Joe Nelson Jared LosanoEmily Brobst T. Ryan Mooney Bobby Jordan Marvin Ross Elizabeth Davidovich  Brandy Angel Photography, LLC. 
Our foundation is in desperate need of donations to continue our efforts to help these kiddos and families that we feature. You can send donations to Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation 1201 Whispering Lakes Trail, Madison GA 30650 or contact us for more details. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support.​​​​​​​



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Robert the Great gets his Superman Status with the help of some real superheroes.

I was recently reminded of a promise I made to Robert when he was in the hospital last year. He was going to miss our fantasy photo session because he had gotten admitted to the hospital yet again. He had requested being superman and I had gotten the costume just for him and he was really upset about the whole situation. I told him it would be fine, and that when he got out I would make him fly like superman for his photo session. I intended to make good of that promise but I had no idea how or when I would be able to. Thanks to some amazing friends and some new friends with huge hearts, we did just that.

Robert has had yet another eventful year since he was initially diagnosed with leukemia at 4 years of age. When I saw this update from his mom on Facebook I knew I had to do something to bring as much joy to his life as I could and when his mom gave me the green light to make it awesome I could not wait to see how it all played out. 

"Finding the right words for a post like this is tricky. Too little information and people jump to their own conclusions (panic) or press for more. Too much information and people still panic, and what you share is bouncing around everywhere. So, I’ll do my best to find the balance.

Robert had his 60 day post t-cell bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap. It all initially came back clear with no evidence of any Leukemia cells. However a few weeks later we learned that he no longer has any of the fighter tcells remaining in his body; the trial has failed. The Seattle group has provided the stats to our Atlanta team to assist us in developing a plan to move forward. Their studies indicate that any child who loses the cells so soon after transplant will relapse, fast and aggressive. All agree that Roberts relapse is imminent, but we can't know exactly how severe it will be. We will likely use chemo to keep the cancer at a manageable level as we enter the next treatment option, whatever that may be. 

So, what now? We are currently attempting to get in the Car-t immunotherapy trial at CHOP. Although it’s similar to Seattle’s, it’s different enough that it might work or at the very least work longer. If this fails, then a Bone Marrow Transplant would be discussed and that my friends would be our all in. A BMT is not a great option for Robert due to the severe liver damage from years of chemo, but if needed a less toxic version may be considered.

Our hope will never falter, though now it seems more guarded. Dr.s are now now kindly suggesting that we enjoy the time that we have with our Son. We no longer talk about statistics or numbers with others. We just keep working the problem the best that we can. We feel as if the cure that we we so desperately want for Robert is quickly slipping from our grasp, but we are trying to remain hopeful that we will still win. As of right now Robert feels great and we plan to take advantage of that and enjoy every second of every day. We will never give up!

Robert is happy, upbeat and enjoying everyday. Negativity or sadness is not a part of his life right now. He is currently enjoying a rare break from pain and discomfort. He looks and feels better than he has in a few years. Per his request, all he knows is that more treatment is ahead. If you happen to cross paths with him, keeps your tears to yourself...he'll likely only have laughs to exchange with you for a while anyway."

After Shannon reminded me of my promise we began thinking of ways to get this special boy off the ground. Then as fate would have it, I got a well timed text message from Jamie Catrett asking what I was up to. Jamie has a casting company called Catrett and Associates Casting that hosted a fundraiser for us last year. Since then we have become friends and she and her employees have worked together with Be The Change-BAF on several events. When I told her the story she immediately replied, "Give me 10 minutes." Before I knew it I had Hollywood Stuntmen laying out a plan that would make dreams come true for Robert. Within a week we were all together at Southeast Movie & Stunt House and getting to witness Robert fulfilling a lifelong wish of being a super hero. I have never seen him filled with so much joy and energy. His smiles will forever be in my heart, as well as all the people that came together to make this happen. I immediately got on youtube to learn some new editing techniques to bring the hero to life. 

Thank you all so much for using your gift to make a dream come true. You truly are the change this world needs. 

Follow Robert's journey at

See more photos at our Facebook page. and a link to the full album

A link to the videos by Wes Brawner (Pennywhistle Creative) ,


Stay tuned to Fox5 Atlanta for coverage by Ron Gant! 


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Photography Workshop Fundraiser

Ever since we went to Children's Hospital of Atlanta for Christmas I keep thinking about the older patients that we met that day. They seemed so lonely and bored. Since most patients are younger the programs at the hospital are veered mostly toward them. Admittedly our fantasy photo session that we are planning to do will be geared mostly toward the younger patients as well. I have been racking my brain to find a way to do something for the older patients. What I have come up with is a workshop to teach them photography and editing at the hospital. We could even allow parents to come if space allows. 

My goal would be to get 3 more Canon Rebel DSLR cameras with SD cards and 4 MacBook Pro Notebooks that have lightroom software. I would also like to get a Canon Photo Printer and USBs so they can keep their images they work on at the workshop. A nice fantasy backdrop with basic lighting set up and props would be needed as well. 
I could get everything we need for right at $5000 and we would be able to maintain the workshop bi-monthly at that point at both Egleston and Scottish Rite. If you would like to donate any goods that are needed you are more than welcome to do so, please contact to arrange details.

Please help us achieve this goal for 2017. Thank you all so much!

A link to our Facebook Fundraiser.


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Amazing Updates for 2016, Let's get ready for 2017! It has been a crazy year with lots of ups and downs for our features. Baby Hazel found a living donor match and recently had BOTH kidneys removed in preparation to receive her life saving kidney and is doing great! Her new kidney will be here just in time for Christmas. Monica had a terrible set back for awhile and was gravely ill but managed to be the warrior she is and bounce back and wake up from her medically induced coma and find out she is in REMISSION! Robert the Great is in Seattle receiving a new T-Cell treatment that will hopefully be the answer he needs to finally beat AML once and for all and help further the use of this amazing treatment for others! Peyton RANG THE BELL on WORLD news for everyone to see as she completed her LAST TREATMENT! Cadence has continued to be cancer free, fight for awareness for Childhood Cancer and inspire so many everyday. Lake's picture continued to be shared this year all over the world creating awareness for childhood cancer and the truth of what happens when we lose a child as amazing as Lake. Even though he is not with us his photo and story continue to reach and touch people eveywhere. 

You make this happen. Please keep sharing our features stories and help those I need of living kidney donors find their matches and help raise awareness for childhood cancer and it's grossly underfunded research. Just clicking share may seem small to you but look at the good it has done in ONE year! Donating to the right people who fund research is crucial, CURE Childhood Cancer, St. Jude, Be The Sign up to be a bone marrow donor! It's so easy! You don't even have to leave your home! They send the test to you and you send it right back! SAVE A LIFE!,, just a couple to start. Donate BLOOD, donate PLATELETS or PLASMA. Continue to PRAY for them all. YOU have the power to make a difference, even if it's just a well placed smile to a stranger. Don't ever forget that. You will be giving something just as valuable to yourself I promise. 

Let's make 2017 even bigger and better. We have so many more opportunities that have opened up for Be The Change-BAF this year and we hope next year will bring about amazing change for those in need. You are a big part of that, just by being on our website and reading these stories and caring about these people. We are the change the world needs, and our ripples we create grown and exceed all our expectations. Be kind, be humble, be loving, be the change. 


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Giving Back this Holiday Season to the children at Children's Hospital of Atlanta!


It is with the utmost excitement that I get to announce that Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. is partnering up with AFLAC Cancer Center at CHOA @ Egleston! Our services will be offered to patients as well as participating in special events with the hospital! We are so honored and so amazed at the possibilities that are in front of us.

December 15th is our first special event! I am working with the one and only Santa Clause to offer free photos for the the in-house patients on the AFLAC floor. There are 26 kiddos in patient on the floor and we would LOVE to deliver a BIG BAG of toys to all of them. If you would like to donate anything please look at the list of things attached below and you can mail it directly it to me or call  me to arrange pick up and I will gladly do so.  

Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation 
1201 Whispering Lakes Trl
Madison GA 30650

Any leftover gifts will be given to the Hospital's gift giving program. This year each in-patient gets to go to the shop and pick out Christmas Gifts, the amount depends on how many we can get donated. 

Please help us make this a Holiday season these children will remember with GOOD memories! 


Holiday Wish List 2016
Thank you for your interest in donating toys for patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! Your generous gifts will help brighten the holidays for patients from birth through age 21. 
 All toys and clothing must be brand new (purchased within the last 30 days).
 Please do not gift wrap donations.
 Toys must be sturdy and non-toxic. Avoid toys that can break, leaving sharp edges.
 Fire regulations prohibit electrical, spark-producing, or friction-producing toys.
 Toys promoting violence are not appropriate.
 Toys with numerous small parts that require close supervision are not appropriate.
 Rubber/latex balloons are prohibited.
 Glitter of any form (glitter glue, glitter stickers, glitter paper, etc.) is prohibited.
Infants and Toddlers (0-3 years)
Rattles, Teething rings, Stackable rings, Sound and light soothers, Shape stackers, Gym mats, Crib activity center with music (no cloth), Cause and effect toys, Activity walkers, Baby Einstein toys and movies, Toy phones and cameras, Sound books, Building blocks (rubber), Pop up toys, Little people, Unisex onesies/clothing, Light up toys, Baby blankets, Bubbles and Batteries.
Pre-School (4-6 years)
Barbie’s, Baby dolls, Sounds books, Little People, Action figures, Medical play kits, Tool sets, Preschool learning lap-top,
Play kitchen and food, Remote control cars, Play-doh and Play-doh utensils, Toy phones and cameras, Light-spinners, , Puzzles, Sticker books, Cars, Trucks, Paint brushes, Plastic animals (zoo, ocean), Mr. Potato Head, Magna Doodle, Small musical instruments, Coloring books, Board games (Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Operation, Pretty Pretty Princess, Matching Games), Markers, Duplo blocks (large Legos), Unisex clothing (t-shirts, pants and pajamas) and Batteries.
School Age (7-12 years)
Legos, Colored pencils, Markers, Puzzles (300 pieces or less), Jenga, Board games (Monopoly Junior, Sorry, Connect Four, Guess Who, Trouble, Apples to Apples, Checkers), Nerf toys, Jewelry kits, New release DVDs, Playing cards (UNO, regular cards), Action figures, Superhero toys, Hot wheels, Nintendo 2DS or 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE - games and remotes for all game consoles, Paint brushes, “I-Spy” books, Small musical instruments, Unisex clothing (t-shirts, pants and pajamas) and Batteries.
Adolescents and young adults (13-21 years)
Craft kits, Advanced coloring books, Advanced lego kits, Ear buds and headphones, $10 Gift cards (iTunes, Target, Wal-Mart), Loom bracelet kits with extra rubber bands, Large sized fleece blankets, Jenga, Playing cards (UNO, regular cards), Board games (Scattegories, Rummikub, Monopoly, LIFE), Picture frames for decorating, Sharpies, Decorative duct tape, Fine-tip paint brushes, Canvases, Hair accessories, Bath n’ Body works products, Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer balls, Pro and College sports gear, Journals, Nail polish, Phone chargers (iPhone, Samsung), New release DVDs, Nintendo 2DS or 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE - games and remotes for all game consoles, Unisex clothing (t-shirts, pants, pajamas) and Batteries.

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Monica's Leukemia Journey
Monica is a beautiful 21 year old woman who is facing her third battle with Leukemia. Her first battle began at just 14 years old. She has a long road ahead of her but she is determined once again to beat leukemia.
Please help us find the CURE Monica truly needs and deserves! Help us demand more than 4% for reserach! Sign up at Donate Blood and Platlets! Donate to the right places like CURE and St. Jude! Do what you can to help end the number 1 disease killer of our children! Don't wait until it happens to your family.
Her Original Leukemia Story:
*The following story was written November of 2009*
She pretty much began to ‘whine’ right off the bat about how far her locker was from all her classes and carries those heavy books were dragging her down. I just felt she was complaining and needed to get used to it. (Wow… hindsight can really come back and bit you uh?)
She’s been sick off and on since school had started which truly isn’t like her. Of course I blamed it on new germs, new school and more kids. I’d checked her out many times off and on for not feeling good. She never had fever but really had a case of the blahs and not feeling good. I really thought the reason she felt like that was due to the fact most of her friends were not in her classes anymore and she was missing them.
She began to complain more and more about not feeling well towards the end of Oct. Her new complaint was being out of breath, tired and having no energy and “I just don’t feel good”. I took her to the Dr and was told she had an upper respitory infection and since it was viral she needed to just wait it out. Two days later she developed a high fever and since she is also a Type 1 diabetic, I called the Dr and was told to take her to the ER to be safe. The ER did chest x-rays and told us she had bronchitis. Six days (11-12-09) later she felt so awful that I took her back to the Dr’s office and they listened to her list of issues and after a quick examination and blood work, told us she had pneumonia. They called us in another antibiotic and inhaler and we ran back to school where I taught my last class and then off to CVS to pick up prescription.
By the time we got home, the Dr’s office had left 4 messages on the answering machine requesting we call them back. The phone was actually ringing as we opened the door. So, I answered it (and saw we had messages on the answering machine) and it was the Dr office telling me she was highly anemic and that her other blood tests looked suspicious. Her actual words were “critical lab values”. I asked what that meant and she told me her tests indicated something wasn’t right.
So, I asked for the results…. White count 450,000 (100,000 is normal). Hemoglobin was a 4 (12 is normal) and Hermaticrit was 13 (normal is 39) and platelets were 45 (normal is 125). I honestly don’t know much about blood work, but I know that high white counts were not a good sign and all I knew about high whites were leukemia related. It sent a shudder through me and I prayed I was wrong. Monica was standing in front me while I was on the phone begging to know what was going on and I didn’t want to alarm her so I had to keep my face smiley and normal while my insides were melting.
They told me to get to the closest ER so that a pediatrician could be called in. Since we had to go to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta last year for her diabetes diagnoses in Aug, I asked if we could go there since she had such a positive experience there and she was comfortable. Plus, since it is a children’s hospital I knew that we’d see a pediatrician as soon as got there and would not have to wait for one to be called in.
I called my husband Vic and told him we needed to go to the ER and off we went to Scottish Rite. My able daughter walked in the ER and looking around… everyone else was sick, broken arms, broken legs and here is my beautiful daughter texting! Yes, she was tired but she never put down her cell phone. Typical teen!
We immediately signed in and once they asked why we were there, I told them she had critical lab values… apparently that is a bad sign and we were pushed to the front of all those children, we immediately went to triage and by passed all the kids waiting to see a Dr and straight back to a room, IV put in, blood drawn and x-rays taken. Within an hour of arriving to the hospital, the Dr came in to tell us she had leukemia. I asked about the pneumonia and apparently, she never had it or bronchitis or an upper respitory infection. I did think it was weird she was diagnosed with all those things but never coughed or had a runny nose or a sore throat. Even the fever was related to the leukemia!
We were diagnosed with Leukemia offically on November 12, 2009. The Dr's were unable to tell us which type we had since she showed signs of having both ALL and AML. It took several days to get our results and on November 18th it was decided we have AUL. Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia. Under a microscope, she has both ALL and AML cells with a 'twist'. Because of this, we have a chromosome problem. It's known as Monosomy 7. We only have one chromosome instead of the two you are supposed to have for the 7th chromosome. Because of this missing 'link' we will be required to have a bone marrow transplant.
Monica has had quite an adventure since coming Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta where they treat her particular type of leukemia.
The Beads of Courage program was introduced to us about 3 days after we arrived since things had quieted down from having surgery to put in a central line and begun chemo. We are already on our fourth strand of beads for all the procedures she has endured so far. The beads show our journey and are a constant visual reminder of where we are. Monica looks forward to her beads each day to add to her strands.
Monica completed her third round of chemo on March 5th and we reported back to CHOA on March 29th to prepare for her bone marrow transplant. Her Bone Marrow Transplant took place on April 6th. Our son Cody was her perfect donor and the harvesting and transfusion went wonderfully for both my children.
She is ready to get it all over and go home forever. Personally, I look forward to the last day of treatment when we can hang up the multiple beads of courage strands she will have earned and reflect where we once were and where we are now.
It has been quite an experience, one that I will never forget. We’ve met amazing kids along the way that have touched our hearts forever. Now that we are members in the club no one willingly joins, our friends are now a part of our family for life.
*As of August 13, 2010 Monica was released from the BMT team and handed back over to the regular oncology team. She has remained in remission since first round in Dec. 2009.
** At her quarterly check up on 1-9-12, it was discovered that her leukemia is back once again. We will once again go into battle. We are ready.
***Successful bone marrow transplant on May 24, 2012 thanks to marrow from Cody once again. She still has some medical challenges here and there but she is a warrior and battling through them all!
#bethechangebaf #brandyangelphotography #GoGoldforchildhoodcancer #4isnotenough #CURE
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Our baby girl needs a KIDNEY! A kidney for Hazel.

I am willing to bet that you did not know that infants and small children in need of a donor kidney achieve the best results from receiving a kidney from an ADULT donor. I didn't know myself when I began on this journey and I am so happy that Hazel's story can help educate more people on the need of adult donors for children.

This beautiful little girl is Hazel Niemitalo, she is just 16 months old and SHE NEEDS A KIDNEY.

Hazel Kate Niemitalo was born on April 4, 2015. She began her life as any normal baby until she began having seizure activity just a few days after birth. She was brought to Wake Forest Baptist medical center in Winston Salem where she was diagnosed with Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome of the Finnish Type. Hazel's kidneys don't properly filter proteins because of a mutation in one aspect of her kidneys.

A kidney Transplant it the ONLY option for a somewhat normal life. 

Hazel story was sent to me a year ago, shortly after her birth but we had to wait for her to meet certain criteria for her to receive a kidney. She lived in the hospital for a majority of her life. Well now she is officially on the transplant list. Seems like a huge deal, and it is because she needs to be listed just to be eligible for a transplant but she will most likely not use a kidney from the donor list since that is from a deceased person and a living donor is the most effective option for her. Since she needs to have both of her kidneys removed prior to her transplant and then be put on dialysis. They are hoping for a living donor so that they can schedule the nephrectomy (removal of kidneys) and not have her on dialysis while waiting for a kidney. She is on the list as inactive since they are planning to use a living donor. However if the time comes that they have to use the list they will have the option available and can make her active. Hazel's mother was not a match for her BUT she has been accepted for the paired donation program. 

What is a Paired Kidney Exchange?

Since 2001, Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center has participated in paired kidney exchanges. A paired kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap” occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient, and so exchanges kidneys with another donor/recipient pair.

Two live donor transplants would occur. Suppose there were two donor/recipient pairs, Donor and Recipient 1 and Donor and Recipient 2:

  • Donor 1 would give a kidney to Recipient 2.
  • Donor 2 would then give a kidney to Recipient 1.

This kidney paired donation transplant enables two incompatible recipients to receive healthy, more compatible kidneys. All medically eligible donor/recipient pairs may participate in the paired kidney exchange program.

A kidney swap occurs when two donor / recipient pairs exchange kidneys.

In order to be tested all you need to do is call the number on the sign (336)716-0548 and let them know you are interested in being tested for Hazel Niemitalo Date of Birth 4/4/2015. They will give you all the information you need. Thank you so much! 

Hazel's father Kenny may look familiar to those of you who love Ameican Ninja Warrior. He was a Vegas finalist last year and the show has done amazing things to and help spread the word of Hazel's need of a kidney. PLEASE help us CONTINUE to spread her story until we find her life saving match. 

#kidneyforhazel #shareyourspare #kidneydisease #organdonation #bethechangebaf Kidney for Hazel Maria Niemitalo Kenny Niemitalo American Ninja Warrior Nation

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Gideon The Powerful Warrior
GIdeon is truly a Powerful Warrior. He and his family were truly special and full of spirit and love. I will never get used to meeting these amazing families and children and know they are all fighting the scraiest battle a family should face. PLEASE donate to the right foundations and help them find the CURE and better treatments for Childhood Cancer. IT IS NOT RARE! #bethchangebaf #CUREchildhoodcancer #4isnotenough #childhoodcancerawareness
Gideon is a Ferris Bueller kind of a guy. Everyone loves Gidster, young and old, so we adopted the motto Save Ferris! The first few months of chemotherapy were hard so I tried to find fun things for him. We made wristbands with Save Ferris on them and shirts for our family that said Team Gidster . We also had heard that some of the kids call the ports that they receive their chemo through their Iron Man. I dubbed his Tony Stark. We ran with the Iron Man idea and now everything is Iron man in honor of our Iron Man, Gidster.
Gideon or Gidster as we call him just turned 9 and we are truly grateful for that. Gideon was only 6 years old when he was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL. It was Friday December 13, 2013 and our lives completely changed within the span of 6 hours.
There were two really long walks that day. The first -when the Dr asked us to walk with her down to the consultation room where we received the news. The second - walking back to the Afac floor for children with cancer. Walking past all the pictures of precious bald children with cancer. That was our world now, everything had changed. We were in the hospital for the next 18 days. We spent our Christmas there. It was the best and worst Christmas we have ever had. We were forced to let a lot of things go and focus on the things that really matter - our family, our faith, and our Gidster. We were blessed by the service of so many and it was truly humbling. Finally on New Year’s Eve we got to take him home. The next 8 months were full of weekly chemotherapy and a few long term stays at the hospital.
Whenever we were able to we would leave the room and go play around the hospital making friends and playing video games in the Zone. Gidster's doctor once commented, with a smile, that he wasn't doing this right. He should be in his room moaning and groaning instead of running and playing throughout the hospital. During the first while it was pretty rough mainly because before we were diagnosed Gideon was a riot! So fun to be around. He would tease and joke with me. Then suddenly he was gone. He looked different and because of the chemos he acted different. I grieved for my Gideon. "Where had he gone?" I thought and would he ever be the same.
Sometimes I would cry and grieve for the loss of the future I had dreamed about for him. Honestly I still do and with every new pain, side effect or set back I'm made painfully aware that life is still not "normal".
But at least my Gideon came back! When he started to mess around with us at the hospital I was ecstatic. He would be pushing around his IV and pretend to trip.
What a tease!
The first time his hair started coming out we had some fun with it so we could gradually get use to the idea. First, a shorter cut, then a Mohawk, and then in an act of solidarity his 15 year old brother, dad, 7 of his uncles, many of his cousins and even his Grandpa shaved their heads. The second time his hair came out I, his mom, let him shave a little patch of my hair in his honor. Even though we are still in treatment and will be until 2017, his hair has grown in and we are back to the Mohawk or as Gidster named it "
Gideon loves Legos, Minecraft, Pokemon Go, traveling, board games, and playing baseball. One day he said “When I play Ball I just sink into it and I forget about Cancer". Oh my heart!
People comment that he always has a smile on his face. I know it's because we choose to find the joy in life and fun in the normal and sometimes not so normal everyday life. We have fun!
Gideon is a pretty chill kind of patient. He is always more concerned about the other children in the clinic. When he cries it is usually for another child or baby that he can hear is in distress. That’s the thing that impresses me most about him, his concern for others, even when he is dealing with so much. He is only 9 and I admire his strength, courage, playful spirit, hope and faith. In my opinion he embodies the definitions of his name. Gideon truly is a Mighty Warrior
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Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation Tie Dyed T-Shirts Limited Supply!
First batch of Tie Dyed Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation T-Shirts are done! $30 (shipping not included) and you can get your own! To order yours email me at New colors coming this week. They will be made to order so you can even choose your colors. Cash, Check or paypal excepted.
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Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation Needs YOUR Support!

Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation needs to ask you for your support.  Our organization assists individuals in our community and without donation from individuals like you, this would not be possible. Donations help sustain our organization and benefit the community which we serve. 

We are counting on your support. Remember that your gift is tax-deductible! Donations can be made to our paypal account (you must be signed into your paypal for this link to work).

or checks can be mailed to: 

Be The Change-Brandy Angel Foundation

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Please follow our website, of course this blog and facebook page to read and share the stories of our amazing features, as well as see if you could possibly be the answer they are looking for.  You can also stay informed about any exciting fundraisers and events we have coming up. As well as purchase Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation T-Shirts.


Thank you in advance for your support!


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Cure Childhood Cancer for Maybin
Maybin was born in Germany in August 2012. We moved to Washington where she was a normal little girl until shortly after her 3rd birthday. She was having difficulty walking and complaining of pain. After her first visit to the doctors they sent her home on an ibuprofen regimen for a week and a few days later I had to rush her to the ER because her health had so rapidly deteriorated. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We spent the first month of treatment at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma WA. She was not in remission or hitting the marks during her first month of treatment and she was moved to the Very High Risk treatment plan meaning that her chances of relapsing on normal treatment where very high and she would need a much more intense chemo treatment to make sure a relapse didn't occur. I decided that Maybin and I needed to move towards family for the treatment. We moved to GA to be near her Grandparents and finish the remainder of her treatment at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite. We brought our dog Peaches and all of our belongings with us. Since arriving she has reached remission and is continuing her treatment plan with ease. She has had an amazing resilient outlook and a huge smile on her face the entire time. Although there have been bumps in the road she was fortunate to miss out on many side effects of chemo and held on her hair until the last few weeks of treatment. It is already starting to grow back. She will be finishing the most intense part of treatment soon and heading into maintenance which will include a lot of at home chemo but much less clinic visits. She will be celebrating her 4th birthday this August and it will be everything Elsa and Anna from frozen. After that she gets to be a little girl again and focus on her first year of Pre K.
#bethechangebaf #4isnotenough #CUREchildhoodcancer
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Searching for baby Stancill

We are Shane and Ashley Stancill and we are currently searching for “OUR” baby! We want to share our story in hopes that someone somewhere will lead us to the baby that God has waiting for us.

After trying to get pregnant for 2-3 years on our own, my husband Shane and I decided we needed to go to a fertility Specialist in Atlanta for help. Our first visit seemed like a typical doctor visit until the doctor wanted to do a physical exam on me. 2 minutes into the exam, the doctor stopped and had a concerned look on his face. I knew from the look on his face meant he saw something that wasn’t supposed to be there. He stopped the exam and he asked us to meet him in his office immediately. He tried to explain that he saw something, but that he didn’t want to insinuate what it could be. The fertility specialist wanted to do a D & C, but because I wasn’t officially his patient yet, he was more comfortable with my regular ObGyn doing the procedure. We called the ObGyn immediately and started discussing when could have the procedure done. After working with the ObGyn and the hospital we decided that January 15th would be the day. We woke up super early and arrived at the outpatient center for Athens Regional. Dr. Goggin came in and said that he was ready and he just knew that they wouldn’t find anything abnormal. I wanted to believe him so bad, but deep down I knew that something wasn’t right. I prayed that God would keep me safe during the surgery and that he would guide the surgeon’s hands. Days went by and I hadn’t heard anything. I tried not to panic, but that was impossible.  Dr. Goggin said he would call as soon as he got the results. I’ve been using him as my ObGyn for about 5 years and when he says something he means it. I knew he would call whether he had good news or bad. Sure enough on January 20th @ around 6:00 pm as I was getting ready to go out to celebrate my 28th birthday, my phone rang. It was Dr. Goggin’s office. My heart sank. This was our conversation.
Goggin: “Hey Ashley. I don’t know how to tell you this. I was packing up for the evening and I saw your results on my desk. Something told me to open them. I did and unfortunately sweetie I don’t have the news I want to have. We found cancer in your uterus and we think it’s stage 3.”

Me: “Are you serious? Will I have to have chemo? Radiation? Will I be okay? Who do I see for this?”

At this point, I started crying and shaking. I was speechless. What do you say during that moment?!? I was angry. I was scared. I was heartbroken. I was devastated. A range of emotions went through my mind.

The first person I called was my daddy. He would make it better. He would know what to do. He always knows what to do. I was crying and screaming by this point. My daddy told me to calm down and that we would fight this. We would beat this cancer. He assured me that we would do whatever we had to do to help me get well again. I got off the phone with him and called my Momma. She told me the same things as he did, but she was scared and I could tell. The third person I called was my best friend Melissa. She was at a basketball game watching Ashlyn, her daughter cheer. She immediately starting reassuring me that everything would be alright. She would find out who the best oncologists were in Georgia. We would fight this together. The next call was to my principal. I knew that I wasn’t in any shape to go to school the next day. How would I tell my students? How would I explain this to them? I didn’t want them to be scared for me. I had to be strong for them. I couldn’t stand in front of their little faces and not bawl thinking about what I had just been told. She told me that I should take the next day off and that if I need the rest of the week off I could take it too. She told me not to worry about lesson plans or school at all, but if you know me, you know that I have a slight case of OCD and I am a control freak, especially when it comes to my students and my classroom. When I have a sub, I like to have everything laid out and organized. As soon as I talked to her I went to the school.  After going to my classroom and getting sub plans together, I meet Melissa and her 3 girls for dinner. I wanted to see them, talk to them and hug them. I needed them. We had dinner and through the tears we talked. The girls were nervous and I could tell. I’ve been a part of their life for as long as I can remember. They are like my own and I would do anything for them. Having to tell them that you have cancer and that you don’t know what you’re going to do is HARD. At this point, stage 3 to me was advanced enough that I might die. I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing them grow up. I didn’t sleep much that night. I just thought about everything. I googled A LOT that night. Bad idea for anything medical! The next day, Melissa and I with the help of her sister-in-law, started researching the best Oncologists in the state of Georgia. God sent us in the direction of Dr. Boveri. I made an appointment for the following week. Melissa took off work and rode with me. From the time we stepped in the door of his office, there was a calmness that came over me. I felt at ease. I’m not sure if it was Melissa being there with me and making me laugh by using every Snapchat filter on her phone or if God had his hand on me the whole time. Maybe it was both. Before going into his office, I had my mind made up. I am a control freak like that. I wanted the cancer out of my body. Whatever it took to get it out was fine by me.

This was the conversation with Boveri: (Keep in mind: This is the first time I’m meeting him!)

Boveri: We can do a total hysterectomy and we may need to do radiation and chemo. We could also wait to do the hysterectomy. You could harvest your eggs first then do it after that. You go home and think about it first. Then let me know what you want to do.

Me: I already decided. Take it out. I want it ALL out of my body.

Boveri: If we do a hysterectomy, you won’t be able to have kids. You know that right?

Me: Yes, I know this. As far as my eggs, I don’t produce enough to harvest anyways. It would take too long to do that.

Boveri: Well, I’ve never had a patient who comes in and knows what they want like you.

Bless him, y’all! I am his youngest patient EVER and his craziest I am sure! After waiting a week, it was surgery day. I had a total hysterectomy done. The waiting room was filled with my family and friends. I received so many texts, calls and prayers! It was humbling to be honest. All these people were praying for me. They wanted me to be well. Some didn’t even know me and wanted to send their prayers to me. I had the best nurses at the hospital! We made friends with them all. The day after surgery, I convinced the nurses and Dr. Boveri that it was time for me to come home. Before I came home, Shane had super cleaned the house and had everything ready for me. In the coming days, we had lots of visitors to keep me company. Every day in the mail I received cards, gifts and letters. Some from people I didn’t even know. They were still praying for me. I was still in shock that so many people cared. Our friends and family brought us meals, so that we wouldn’t have to cook. Shane got a little spoiled during this time. I never cook as well as everyone who brought us meals! After 2 ½ weeks and lots of hesitation from my coworkers and principal I was back at work. People thought I was crazy. Call me crazy, but I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE my students! God called me to be a teacher and I will always be thankful that he did! When I was out, my students and their parents sent me well wishes and prayers. They missed me and I missed them so bad! One student even painted me a sign that said, “My Teacher Is My Hero!” It has hung in my house ever since. I read it EVERYDAY and think about how blessed I am. I survived. I beat cancer. I didn’t let it define me. It hurt me, most definitely, and it took away the title that I so long to be called, “Mom”, but someday when I look back, I will be able to say that it made me stronger. Cancer took my ability to have biological children away, BUT it will NEVER take the love and longing I have in my heart to be called, “Mom”.

…..Well that was supposed to be a short intro, but I got a little long winded. This is our story. I hope that you will join us on our adventure to find OUR baby!

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Pray for Peyton


There are few places I would have rather been this afternoon than laughing at CHOA with this beautiful girl and her amazing mamma. It never cesases to amaze me the strength, normalcy and love these familes show during their unimaginable battle with cancer. This sweet girl was supposed to be taking family photos today in Stone Mountain with us. All of us swimming, laughing and enjoying her July 4th. But cancer doesnt care, it doesn't play favorites, or celebrate holidays. It can attack at any time to anyone. PLEASE rally for these children and find better treatments for childhood cancer. Find a CURE. ‪#‎4isnotenough‬ ‪#‎CUREchildhoodcancer‬‪#‎bethechangebaf‬ Pray for Peyton Shannon Parker Greene O.j. Greene Brandy Angel Photography, LLC. ‪#‎brandyangelphotography‬ 
Thank you so much to Well Dressed Wolf for donating this BEAUTIFUL dress and cape for our heros to wear! And to Her Joyful Studio for the precious bows! We are eternally grateful!
‪#‎welldressedwolf‬ ‪#‎fujifilm‬ ‪#‎polaroids‬ 
"While Peyton is in the hospital fighting fevers, will you fight for other children that will walk this journey in the future? We team up with Rally because we believe in their mission where they are committed to find better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures.
So this weekend while you are out watching fireworks, parades, having barbecues and picnics will you just take a moment and fight for those kids that are our future? They deserve more than 4%. They deserve to have a childhood outside these hospital walls, watching fireworks, parades, having barbecues and picnics too!
Let's Rally for Peyton by donating $10 for each day she fought the cancer beast. Our goal is to reach $8,440 in donations by the date of her last chemo treatment on July 16!
‪#‎RallyforPeyton‬ ‪#‎RallyOn‬ ‪#‎prayforpeyton‬ ‪#‎anchoredinhope‬"

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Step Sisters the movie and Be the Change BAF NEEDS YOU! Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. has been offered an awesome opportunity with the film Step Sisters that is currently filming in downtown Atlanta. They are in need of people, young, old, tall short, whatever, to be in the film as extras by sitting in the audience of a step dance competition on June 29th at 9:00am in downtown Atlanta. Every single person I get to come in the name of Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation will be a donation per person towards the foundation. PLUS you get to hang out on a movie set, watch a cool step dance competition AND be in a movie, which is pretty cool. I will have more information sooner to the date but PLEASE PLEASE SHARE and have anyone interested contact me personally at subject line Step Sisters. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will be one "step" closer to the cameras for our families in treatment! Pun intended.…/690547-step-sisters-movie









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