Please help Tequiesha Cooper!!

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This is Tequiesha Cooper! I got to meet her and her amazing family today and learn about her struggle to find a kidney donor. This beautiful girl has down syndrome and such a sweet attitude! She couldnt wait to meet my girls and did her best to smile even though she is not feeling very good and was having leg pain and issues with her swollen feet. The longer she waits on her kidney the more health problems she will face. Tequiesha has faced every obstacle and managed to surpass every expectation! PLEASE give her the gift of a NEW, HEALTHY life! 
Here is her story...
Tequiesha Cooper has been a Kidney patient since January 2009. She also has Down Syndrome, her birthday is 6/4/87 making her 28 years of age. She was diagnosed with FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis). This disease is scar tissue in the filtering unit of the kidney. She has been on the Kidney Donor waiting list since 2011. Her blood type is O positive and her hospital is Emory Hospital in Atlanta GA. Here is the Emory Hospital phone number for any interested in becoming a donor. (1)-855-366-7989. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Donations will be used towards surgery and uncovered medications.

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