JD then and now. #CUREchildhoodcancer

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This is JD. He is now in remission and he was the first little warrior I shot. His recovery is such an inspiration to me. I even went on to feature his mother on Be the Change- BAF who is looking for her Aunt Dove. 
This is his story.
On April 3rd 2014 our life was turned upside down when we discovered our 1 year old son was in complete heart failure it was not until April 4th we were told the cause . Jd had a two pound tumor that pushed all of his organs and constricted the blood going to his heart putting him in heart failure. We were told that his symptoms were more than likely a common cancer called Welms tumor but could not diagnose until he had a biopsy and that's when things started to get tricky . Jordan's chances didn't look good to the Dr because his heart was only working at 13% and to do a biopsy it put him at a big risk puncturing the tumor and leaking the cancer cells before we even knew what we were dealing with ,also the fact that his heart was not stable enough to remove the tumor so we started chemotherapy in hopes his tumor would shrink and his heart would improve but guess what? It didn't shrink after six weeks so on May 9th 2014 we took a big risk and had Jd's tumor removed and his surgery went flawlessly thanks to the surgeons , cardiologist,and Oncologist at Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta at Egelston. Our battle still was not over yet . Jd was on several drugs and a heart medication that kept him admitted for three months. His biopsy came back and it was a different type of cancer after all . He was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidney . This disease is rare. Only 100 children are diagnosed a year world wide. It attacks the soft tissue in the body like lungs, brain, and kidney . The treatment for him and the harsh chemicals could possibly put him in heart failure over the next five years and or cause leukemia. These are just a few of the risks and side effects. JD went through 27 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 radiation treatments after that. He goes back for scans every 3 months to make sure there is no more tumors growing in his body. Everyday he pushes forward like he has done from the start. His strength through such a difficult time is truly inspiring. He never lost his smile only his hair, so we lost ours too. He is truly a blessing from God to still be here with us. He is our hero, our son, our Cancer Warrior. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we urge you to Go Gold 4 a Cure.

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