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Jacqueline Johnson needs a KIDNEY!

October 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I got to meet this amazing family today and see how much love they had for each other and I pray they will get to spend many more years together! 
Name: Jacqueline Johnson- Retired
After working 25 years in the juvenile court system I decided to retire in September of 2013. Retirement would allow me to travel, including seeing family in California and Georgia. Just as I gave notice of my retirement, I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). After having a kidney biopsy done, the kidney doctor diagnosed me with Rhupus. This diagnosis was shocking and I went for a second opinion in Georgia with my daughter who lives there. They ran a battery of tests and scheduled a follow up appointment to discuss the results. I never made it to that appointment, instead I was admitted to the hospital because my health had suddenly declined. I was taken to the ER for weakness, nausea and vomiting, and after a chest x-ray they started treating me for what they thought was pneumonia. By the early morning I was in respiratory distress and rushed to the ICU where I had a breathing tube put in as I was unable to breath on my own. During the insertion of the tube, they found massive bleeding in my lungs and my CKD had now progressed to end stage, now in multi organ failure doctors were unsure if I would survive. I was placed in a medical coma, given multiple liters of blood, medicine to support my low blood pressure, and several rounds of emergent dialysis. Two days later my family was given the diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease called Wegners Vasculitis. Every day was a battle but I continued to get better each day. After being in the hospital for a month and receiving 3 doses of chemo to treat the vasculitis, I was ready to be transferred to a rehab facility where I eventually learned to walk again. After 3 months in rehab, I was back on my feet and can now even drive myself to dialysis 3 times a week. Yes, I went from no dialysis to having it 3 days a week. My family has been very supportive and loving through this entire life changing event. I had to give up the dream of staying in my own home, I had to relocate to another state but this experience has taught me no matter what plans you make, it is all in GODS hands. GOD has kept me here for a reason, I am BLESSED!
I am now in need of a kidney transplant because of my condition, I am O+ Blood Type. If interested in being a donor please contact Piedmont Hospital:
Edom Chernet, RN, BSN
Transplant Coordinator
Piedmont Hospital
Phone 404-605-4930
Fax # 770-916-4852
Available 24 hour a day.


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