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Happy Birthday Jaley Allgood!

January 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Photo Credit Jack Meyer Photography 

This is Jaley Allgood. She has Weaver's Syndrome.She did not learn to speak until she was 7 years old because of it. However, since she learned to talk, she has wanted to have her very own concert. So, for her 13th birthday, a group of people from MCHS, gave her a concert. There were different people who sang, the step team performed, one of the Pointe of Grace competition teams performed, the Cheerleaders did some cheers, Jaley got to sing on stage. She danced with all of her friends and family. It was like her local Make-A-Wish. I am so proud of this amazing community I live in that made this happen! Thank you Jack Meyer for the beautiful images!!!


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