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Jake Thompson, Heart Warrior Angel

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
This is Jennifer Thompson and I met her on February 10, 2016, the day that Govenor Neal signed the declaration making this week Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week. Once I me her I knew I had to share Jake's story and do what I can to spread awareness for our little heart warriors. Be a voice for the voiceless, BE THE CHANGE. #bethechangebaf #CHDAWARENESS #CHOA
"I found out at 24 weeks pregnant that Jake would be born with severe heart defects. They said he would probably not make it past birth and that if he did he would have no value of life. Not my words its what the specialist told us. He even recommended terminating the pregnancy, but my husband told him we would leave it in Gods hands and that's what we did. Jake was born May 18, 2010. 19 hours later he had his first open heart surgery at CHOA. After many ups and downs and 2 stomach surgeries we finally went home after 3 months. Jake was doing great and he had a planned open heart surgery on February 3rd 2011. He was a champ and we were home in just a few days. Once again he was doing great and then he had his 3rd open heart surgery which also was planned for his complete repair. He did have a leaky valve afterwards but we were home in just a few days. Over the next couple of years things were great. We just had to keep a check on his valve. Then in August of 2015 he had to have the valve replaced and they decided to put in a pacemaker. He seemed to have a hard time recovering even after we came home. He didn't have much energy. A few weeks later we were told he was going into heart failure and they put him on a medication to help. Unfortunately it did not and we ended up at CHOA waiting for a heart transplant. Every part of me thought all was going to be ok. Jake made me laugh and smile everyday. Even though we were stuck in the hospital we made it fun. He had the nurses laughing everyday. They would all pile in to visit him and bring him gifts. They were amazing and he was amazing. He always had a smile through everything. He took a turn for the worse and sadly passed away on November 27,2015 . I am truly a better person for having him in my life and he touched and changed many lives. I will continue to fight for chd awareness in his memory and for all the warriors still fighting."


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