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Our Papa, "Bubber" William Wilkes, needs a KIDNEY!

February 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


This feature hits VERY close to home for me. This is my cousin Bubber Wilkes. I think everyone in Oconee County knows just who he is and I know each and everyone of you will SHARE his story and help him find the life saving kidney donor he needs! He has done so much for his community and it's time for his community to give back to him! PLEASE help Bubber if you can!

Our PaPa, Bubber Wilkes, Needs a Kidney​

Hello, my name is William Eddie (Bubber) Wilkes and I am a 67 year old husband, father of two, and grandfather to five precious grandchildren.  In September of 2015, I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy.  My kidney function (estimated GFR) declined to 9% by year end.  Having been born with only one kidney, it’s important for it to function well. Despite medications and a restrictive diet, I have been unable to maintain a functioning kidney and I was forced to start dialysis on January 18, 2016.  

Currently, I serve as an Oconee County Commissioner in Watkinsville, Georgia.  Previously, I served Oconee County for 20 years and was re-elected to serve my current four year term.  Due to dialysis, it is difficult at times to attend all functions involved with being a Commissioner but I have not allowed my kidney failure to prevent me from continuing to serve the people of Oconee County.  In addition, I also work part-time with Lord and Stephens Funeral Home and enjoy spending time with family, especially my grandchildren.  

Four times a day, seven days a week, I do peritoneal home dialysis.  It is my hope to be approved for a peritoneal cycler. This would allow me to handle my dialysis each night while sleepingDialysis is a temporary solution to end stage renal failure. However, a kidney transplant would allow me to enjoy a healthy life again, restore my quality of life and allow me to resume normal day to day activities. Transplant recipients generally live twice as long as those who stay on dialysis and are not restricted by the challenge of routine dialysis therapy.

After completing my evaluation at Emory University Atlanta, I am awaiting approval to be placed on the transplant list.  My blood type is A negative. This enables me to receive a kidney from blood types A and O.  Kidneys from deceased donors function well, but a kidney from a living donor provides the greatest chance for long-term success.   Patients on dialysis have a 40 – 50% risk of dying within 5 years.  A living donor decreases that risk to 10 percent. 


The Emory transplant team will evaluate each potential donor very carefully to verify their ability to donate. New surgical techniques allow doctors to remove a kidney using smaller incisions than ever before.  Recovery time for the donor is short.  A typical stay in the hospital can be 2-3 days and back to work in a couple of weeks in most cases. 


If you are interested in becoming a living donor for me, contact the Emory Transplant Center.  The number is listed below.  When calling, please inform the transplant coordinator that you are interested in becoming a living donor for William Eddie Wilkes (full name must be given).  They will also need my date of birth:  9/16/48. The center also participates in the Kidney Paired Donation Program.


Your prayers and support is greatly appreciated.  I am placing my trust in the Lord and pray that someone will be willing to give me the gift of life.  Thank you again for making a difference. 

Emory Transplant Center
Atlanta, GA
855- 366-7989 FREE


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