Let's Find Randy Daniel a Kidney!

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It has been a year that I took this photo and met this amazing couple. Randy is still searching for his perfect match. His need becomes more and more desperate with each passing day. PLEASE share his story and PLEASE, if you feel compelled to be tested CALL the number on the sign and see if you are Randy's life saving angel.
Find A Kidney For Randy Daniel Pat Walker Daniel
My name is Randy Daniel. I have lived on dialysis, and been on the waiting list for a life-changing kidney, for 7 1/2years. My blood type is O + , and I can receive a kidney from any type O donor that is a match for me. Four years ago, we received a call that there was a possible kidney match for me. My wife rushed me to the hospital where we learned that the donor kidney was not transplantable. About 4 months ago, we had another close call. We received information of a possible donor from another state, but that also did not come to fruition. I’ve trusted all along that my transplant would happen as God has planned, and this may very well be His plan. Quite possibly, someone reading my story at this very moment is THE person God has planned to be my perfect match - my living donor.
At 15, I was hospitalized when I passed out at my Grandfather’s grocery store. We learned that my kidneys were not functioning properly. After multiple tests, I underwent surgery, and 1/4th of my left kidney was removed. They were not sure of my condition but felt that I had kidney cancer and told my Mother that I would not live to see my 21st birthday. We later learned that I have a kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease “PKD”.
At this time, I have zero kidney function. I had complete kidney failure in 2002. I was living on dialysis for 9 months when my cousin, Donna Oakes Smith, came forward and selflessly donated one of her kidneys to me in 2003. After contracting the West Nile virus and 2 episodes of rejection, the transplant failed in 2007. I am currently on hemodialysis, and have been for 7 ½ years, except for a brief period when I tried peritoneal dialysis at home. I developed complications and was forced back on hemodialysis.
I have been out of work since 2007. My kidney disease, need to live on dialysis and inability to work has been a huge strain on our household income and my mental well-being. I can’t help but feel that I am less of a man because I can no longer provide for my family, and my kidney failure has placed extreme pressure on my wife. While I do pray to receive a functioning kidney, I also feel led to help others in the ways I am able. After my first stint on dialysis and my first transplant, my wife and I began reaching out to others going through these transitions to lessen their fear by sharing what we have learned. We also donate regularly to our Church and American Kidney Services, and I take every opportunity to minister to other patients when I am in the hospital or visiting family and friends during their own health hardships.
Having had a transplant previously, I know what the feeling is like to feel healthy and normal again. One of the biggest challenges is thirst. I am thirsty - all the time, and my fluid intake is very restricted. If I am blessed with a donor, the first thing I would like to do is drink 32 ounces of water…that’s two bottles of water!! There are not enough words to explain how it feels to not be sick anymore! I pray for and dream of that day like you cannot imagine. I pray that the end of my days of living on dialysis will come soon - while I am still healthy enough to receive the gift of life.
My wife was tested and is not the right blood type, but wasn’t accepted for the paired exchange program due to not having a specific level of kidney function that is necessary to donate. My wife’s friend, Doris Walker, was tested to donate to me, and has been approved to donate! Unfortunately, her blood type is not compatible with mine. So, we were placed in the paired exchanged program. This program tries to match multiple families with other donors to achieve donation for those who do not have their own living donor match. Essentially, my living donor will save the lives of TWO people in need of a kidney!!!
My blood type is 0+, and I can accept from blood types O ONLY. If you’re blood type is O – or O +, you could possibly be my match!
Anyone willing to be tested should contact my coordinator at Piedmont Hospital, Leanne Whitehead, at 404-605-4605. Please let her know you would like to be tested as a living donor for me, James Randy Daniel. I do not have a Facebook page, but my devoted wife does. Please feel free to message her (us) with any questions, prayers or prayer requests. We pray for others as much as, and often more, than we do ourselves. I understand my needs are small compared to the needs of the world, but I also trust that God’s plans for my needs will be fulfilled. Thank you and God bless each person reading my story with a willing and caring heart. https://www.facebook.com/pat.w.daniel?fref=ts
Pat Walker Daniel


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