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Step Sisters the movie and Be the Change BAF NEEDS YOU!

June 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Be the Change - Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. has been offered an awesome opportunity with the film Step Sisters that is currently filming in downtown Atlanta. They are in need of people, young, old, tall short, whatever, to be in the film as extras by sitting in the audience of a step dance competition on June 29th at 9:00am in downtown Atlanta. Every single person I get to come in the name of Be The Change- Brandy Angel Foundation will be a donation per person towards the foundation. PLUS you get to hang out on a movie set, watch a cool step dance competition AND be in a movie, which is pretty cool. I will have more information sooner to the date but PLEASE PLEASE SHARE and have anyone interested contact me personally at bethechangebaf@gmail.com subject line Step Sisters. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will be one "step" closer to the cameras for our families in treatment! Pun intended. www.bethechangebaf.com














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