Gideon The Powerful Warrior

August 23, 2016  •  100 Comments
GIdeon is truly a Powerful Warrior. He and his family were truly special and full of spirit and love. I will never get used to meeting these amazing families and children and know they are all fighting the scraiest battle a family should face. PLEASE donate to the right foundations and help them find the CURE and better treatments for Childhood Cancer. IT IS NOT RARE! #bethchangebaf #CUREchildhoodcancer #4isnotenough #childhoodcancerawareness
Gideon is a Ferris Bueller kind of a guy. Everyone loves Gidster, young and old, so we adopted the motto Save Ferris! The first few months of chemotherapy were hard so I tried to find fun things for him. We made wristbands with Save Ferris on them and shirts for our family that said Team Gidster . We also had heard that some of the kids call the ports that they receive their chemo through their Iron Man. I dubbed his Tony Stark. We ran with the Iron Man idea and now everything is Iron man in honor of our Iron Man, Gidster.
Gideon or Gidster as we call him just turned 9 and we are truly grateful for that. Gideon was only 6 years old when he was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL. It was Friday December 13, 2013 and our lives completely changed within the span of 6 hours.
There were two really long walks that day. The first -when the Dr asked us to walk with her down to the consultation room where we received the news. The second - walking back to the Afac floor for children with cancer. Walking past all the pictures of precious bald children with cancer. That was our world now, everything had changed. We were in the hospital for the next 18 days. We spent our Christmas there. It was the best and worst Christmas we have ever had. We were forced to let a lot of things go and focus on the things that really matter - our family, our faith, and our Gidster. We were blessed by the service of so many and it was truly humbling. Finally on New Year’s Eve we got to take him home. The next 8 months were full of weekly chemotherapy and a few long term stays at the hospital.
Whenever we were able to we would leave the room and go play around the hospital making friends and playing video games in the Zone. Gidster's doctor once commented, with a smile, that he wasn't doing this right. He should be in his room moaning and groaning instead of running and playing throughout the hospital. During the first while it was pretty rough mainly because before we were diagnosed Gideon was a riot! So fun to be around. He would tease and joke with me. Then suddenly he was gone. He looked different and because of the chemos he acted different. I grieved for my Gideon. "Where had he gone?" I thought and would he ever be the same.
Sometimes I would cry and grieve for the loss of the future I had dreamed about for him. Honestly I still do and with every new pain, side effect or set back I'm made painfully aware that life is still not "normal".
But at least my Gideon came back! When he started to mess around with us at the hospital I was ecstatic. He would be pushing around his IV and pretend to trip.
What a tease!
The first time his hair started coming out we had some fun with it so we could gradually get use to the idea. First, a shorter cut, then a Mohawk, and then in an act of solidarity his 15 year old brother, dad, 7 of his uncles, many of his cousins and even his Grandpa shaved their heads. The second time his hair came out I, his mom, let him shave a little patch of my hair in his honor. Even though we are still in treatment and will be until 2017, his hair has grown in and we are back to the Mohawk or as Gidster named it "
Gideon loves Legos, Minecraft, Pokemon Go, traveling, board games, and playing baseball. One day he said “When I play Ball I just sink into it and I forget about Cancer". Oh my heart!
People comment that he always has a smile on his face. I know it's because we choose to find the joy in life and fun in the normal and sometimes not so normal everyday life. We have fun!
Gideon is a pretty chill kind of patient. He is always more concerned about the other children in the clinic. When he cries it is usually for another child or baby that he can hear is in distress. That’s the thing that impresses me most about him, his concern for others, even when he is dealing with so much. He is only 9 and I admire his strength, courage, playful spirit, hope and faith. In my opinion he embodies the definitions of his name. Gideon truly is a Mighty Warrior


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