Please meet Deanna Raymond

December 18, 2018  •  317 Comments

Please meet Deanna Raymond, a 32-year old mother and daughter of Gigi Gerhardt, she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time in 2 ½ years. This family has played a prominent role in the Morgan County community by opening Gigi’s Salon & Day Spa, located in the heart of downtown Madison, servicing the community for over 14+ years. Understandably, Deanna has had a hard time juggling her diagnosis, treatment, caring for her 4 year old son, and working hard in the salon to provide for their family. I hope by sharing her story and her photos with you we can help raise funds that will allow Deanna to receive Chemo treatments, help with travel expenses to and from those treatments, assist with additional medical expenses, and anything else that may be helpful during this time. Ultimately, the family is hoping to send Deanna to the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This National Cancer Institute actively participates in new drug development and strongly focuses on aggressive treatments for all major cancers. The family hopes that enrolling Deanna in this program would open new avenues for her treatment ultimately saving her life. Please join me in supporting this family. Your kindness and generosity will contribute to the success of Deanna’s treatment, providing the best care and lifting the spirits of this sweet family. #bethechangebaf #bekind Shawn N DeAnna Raymond…

Update 2
November 1, 2018 DeAnna woke up to having a very traumatic seizure which she was entirely aware of what’s was going on and lost all motor and speach functions her husband was able to get to her in time and get her to the hospital where she later found out her cancer has spread once again now to her brain, she has 4 Tumors one is large and swolllen and what caused the seizure she had! So now things have changed severely in her life, Shawn is now her full time caregiver and she can no longer drive or stay alone at all, since the 1st she has underwent 3 pin point radiation treatments and has one final one tomorrow and also has received her first chemotherapy treatment that will hopefully start to control the cancer which in her recent petscan a week ago showed a very large Mass in her liver and severall more lung masses and a spot on her spine that she’s had 10 radiation Treatments too! DeAnna is one of the strongest , sweetest people I have known and Is still very upbeat and postive and Is very hopeful in her treatment! We are stilI waiting on a biopsy for her liver to see what that says to know what further treatment she could receive. We are asking for all prayer warriors to come together and pray really hard for her and her family as she fights for her life. If you can donate payments will go directly to her pharmacy and rent, gas to and from treatments and groceries! We are trying to ease this financial burden as much as possible so this sweet family can focus on her fighting this cancer! You can also go directly to Her mother at Gigi’s Hair Salon at 132 West Jefferson st Madison GA 30650 she is accepting donation of as well of any kind! Please keep this beautiful family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this very difficult time!
Update 3
Unfortunately we got bad news yesterday! DeAnnna had a Ct scan done and Chemotherapy in office yesterday and we waited on the results because she has been in so much pain in her stomach! We found out the Liver tumor that was only 1.1 inches on the 2nd of November is now 4.8 inches so it’s growing fast and it’s also triple negative we hoped it might have mutated and been another cancer that would be easier to treat but it’s not so now we have to change our course of treatments because not only has the liver mass grown but everything has grown very large especiallly in the lungs! So she is starting a very strong chemo drug called Halavan! It’s going too make her very sick but she is very strong and so positive and needs everyOnes thoughts and prayers to help us get threw this!! Thank you everyone who has helped us already we cannot thank you enough for helping us in our time of need!! Thank you and God bless.





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