Fantasy Photo Shoot 2018

February 23, 2018  •  216 Comments

This past Saturday was pretty amazing. We had our beautiful princesses help us turn some amazing kiddos into princesses with their own unicorn. We had some serious celebrating to do for a couple of our kiddos who just completed their cancer treatments and I will share everyone's album and stories separately. Thank you so much for everyone who helped make this possible!

You might also recognize Carly from two years ago. It is hard to believe she is the same little girl! We are so incredibly proud of her completion of treatment and we pray she continues to strive! Here is an update from her Mom. "In June 2015, Carly was a few months shy of two years old. Suddenly, she started walking with a limp. We were very concerned, so I made an appointment with her pediatrician. Once we got to the doctor, they immediately ordered a blood test and x-ray. The x-ray showed no problems, but something was wrong with the blood test. Her platelets were very low. They repeated the test to be sure, but once again, very low platelets. Our pediatrician told us that he suspected she may have Leukemia. We rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where a pediatric oncology team ran tests on Carly. In a few hours, they confirmed that Carly had Leukemia. Our world came crashing down. I never imagined I would ever hear that my baby has cancer. The next day, doctors were able to confirm the type of Leukemia as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer. Carly started chemotherapy immediately. Treatment for leukemia includes oral chemotherapy, IV chemotherapy, and frequent spinal taps where chemotherapy drugs are entered into the cerebrospinal fluid. On October 24, 2017 Carly finished her treatment!!! It was a long two and a half years. We are so thankful that Carly is growing and thriving. She is such a sweet and loving girl, who we think, is one of the bravest little girls ever. Carly loves baby dolls, loves to play outside, ride in Daddy's truck, and boss us around! She is getting monthly check ups at the Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston. The treatment Carly received is really tough on the body. She is working to overcome leg muscle weakness caused by the chemotherapy. She will forever be monitored for late side effects from treatment such as heart and lung function and cognitive effects. We will always worry about her health and pray that cancer never returns. Our lives are forever changed. We promise to stand with those who are fighting cancer, and for those who lost their life to this horrible disease." 

You might remember Maybin from our first Fantasy Shoot 2 years ago. It's hard to believe that's the same little girl we saw Sunday. We are so proud of her and how far she has come! This is an update from her mom. "74,822,400 seconds,1,247,040 minutes, 20,784 hours, 866 days. Maybin did it. She completed her treatment for B-cell ALL. We started our journey October 13th, 2015 when we got a call to go straight to the emergency room. We will finish by taking her last pill on February 24th, 2018. Today is her last IV Chemo at the hospital and she'll get to ring the end of treatment bell! We are ecstatic. She is thrilled! We are fortunate, some kids don't get to have this day. Unlike some might think, this is not the finish line, it is merely a milestone. Granted, it is a HUGE milestone, but she will still have years of monitoring to make sure it doesn't come back and a ton of side effects that will last a lifetime from the chemo she received. We are going to celebrate this milestone with so much joy because it is a great accomplishment. She has been more than strong. We love her and are so proud of our little princess!"

This sweet baby girl had her chemo treatment on FRIDAY and came to meet her unicorn on Sunday! I'm pretty sure Mimi the Unicorn loved her just as much as Eleanor loved her. Thank you so much Vanessa Jones for bringing Mimi and Elizabeth Ann Florist for making a special flower crown JUST for Eleanor. We are so grateful to everyone who helps us bring some magic to these amazing kiddos. Baby Eleanor (Baby Lady) was diagnosed with “Acute Leukemia” on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017. Here is her story: Eleanor is only 19 months old and about two weeks ago we noticed her eyes changed and became puffy like she suffered from allergies. My mom pleaded we take her to the doctor and we manage to get an appointment where the Nurse Practitioner ruled it our as a cold, and allergies. After medications she looked better for a couple days, and three days later her eyes looked puffier, and like someone had put yellow eye shadow over her eyes. I knew something was wrong. I rushed her to the E.R. where did they and x-ray and it was ruled out as pneumonia. That was scary enough. We gave her the dosage of medication and she never improved through the day. Her breathing became a concern and once again my mom asked me to call the doctor. Because I mention to her I was not sure. When we called the E.R. they said to bring her back. When we got there I thought it was going to be an in and out type of visit. Until the RN mention her how she did not want to concern me, but her heart looked enlarged in the x-ray. They asked to redo the test and I had a doctor come speak to me, about he would like more test. My heart was broken, nothing felt great about the night. Not the wing, not the rain, not anything. Thankfully mom came and met me while my husband stayed home with our other 3 children who were sick from the flu, and there was no point in dragging everyone out for what was supposed to be in and out. After blood test the doctor said Baby Eleanor was very sick and severely anemic, her heart was enlarge and the cloud in her left lung looked to be something very serious. While he walked out to get us an ambulance Eleanor did not respond well to fluids and she had a reaction that almost looked as she had just had a stroke. Once again mom jumped into action after I pleaded with her that something was seriously wrong. Baby Eleanor never cries like that and the doctor knew something was wrong and tried to get us a pilot to fly us to the Scottish Rite-Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Due to weather conditions that requested was denied, but thankfully a team of paramedics came just 15 minutes later which seemed like 4 hours, but it was just atmosphere in the room. They rushed us to Atlanta where more test were done, and a doctor walked in to share the horrible news. How Eleanor had “Acute Leukemia” and needed to be in PICU until further test. She has been diagnosed with “T-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” (T-ALL) and we have a long way to recovery. I will remain the hospital with the baby for the next 4 weeks, and hope to see my other children in husband every weekend as we learned to deal with chemo, strategies that work better for Ellie’s health, and have the strength to be here for each other as we deal with this tragedy. Please pray for us, especially Eleanor.

Donate through eirther Go Fund Me

OR through YOU Caring

Also you can make a care basket or order some items on this list for Baby Eleanor. Link: 



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